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Method artists Philippe Gaulier and Olivier Pron started on Jupiter Ascending back in 2011 when directors Lana and Andy Wachowski were finishing on Cloud Atlas.

They worked at first with John Gaeta (Visual Effects Designer) then Hugh Bateup and Charlie Revai (Production Designer and Supervising Art Director) and were tasked to develop the look of the "Cradle of Mankind: the Planet Orous", a gigantic baroque, decadent and colourful multi-cultural world.

One of the biggest challenges was to express the sheer scale of that world. Originally, the sequence was meant to start from the edge of the Orous solar system and end right down on street level.

Philippe and Olivier worked on this particular environment on and off for a period of approximately three years, from pre-production to post-production. They started the design work remotely from Method Studios in London, then spent time at Leavesden Studios (Warner) in the Art Department where they further developed Orous as well as other parts of the film such as the Abrasax refinery world, the mother chapel (Kalique world), and a few props, as well as designs for the concubines "hotbots".


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