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Doritos Jacked ‘Joyride’

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The creatives at Goodby Silverstein & Partners decided to get across the idea that Doritos Jacked are big, bold and crispy by cramming in plenty of audacious stunts into this 30 second ad. From the outset, the spot was meant to feel outrageous yet maintain a sense of realism, so It was important that as much action as possible was captured in camera. Plenty of visual effects help was called for however, and Method Studios’ LA team got involved during the pre-pro stage to facilitate planning and prepare CG elements.

Discussing the ‘bus jump’ scene, which was crucial to the storyline, Producer Pip Malone comments, “We were aware that we would not be able to get enough buses to the location for the shoot, so we had always planned to create additional buses in CG. Additionally, we knew we were going to have to augment the truck to jump further by making subtle adjustments to extend its trajectory, as well as adding additional fire bursts on the jump ramp.”

Composing the lineup of buses, and including the requested ‘half bus’, was a challenge since the hero plate featured a fairly narrow intersection. The Method artists solved this by removing foreground buildings and matte painted what was missing. The buses were a combination of CG renders in Vray and matte paintings to add final touches of realism based on the filmed reference bus plates.

The truck tire smoke was created using Houdini fluids, which needed to feel over the top yet believable. In many of the shots, the back of the truck was replaced with a CG truck bed since there was camera equipment in the practical truck.

In the final scene, where the truck drives through the china shop, the large warehouse set was made to feel like a main street store front by extending the shots with matte paintings and layered projections in Nuke. The artist then married the truck exit footage and additional roof explosion plates to create one big climactic departure.


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