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EA Games, agency Wieden+Kennedy and production company Biscuit Filmworks, pulled out all the stops when it came to creating the most realistic war zone experience possible to promote the third in the series of the incredibly successful Battlefield game. Method Studios worked with director Noam Murro in realizing the dramatic scenes where the overall aim was to convince the viewer that they are totally immersed in a real life gun fight.


Method’s VFX Supervisor for the project, Ben Walsh, attended the shoot at Eagle Rock, California, where a deserted and derelict urban setting was made to look like a war torn Middle Eastern town. Many of the explosions were practical effects but Method was on hand to deliver ‘invisible effects’ to help add to the drama.


Exploding guns were enhanced with extra muzzle fire by the effects team and additional debris was added into many scenes. The artists also worked on the environments in general with matte paintings to extend the sets and 2D comps of soldiers used to fill the frame.

Method added in CG tanks and helicopters to the live action footage where it was important to convince the audience that the action was seamless and real.

Another shot involving 3D was the gun load sequence which provides a macro view of the bullet loading into the chamber – the type of cut-away typically seen in the game cinematics.


  • Environments
  • FX
  • Hard surface
  • Compositing
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