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Direct TV ‘HOUSE’

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Method NY worked on this commercial which depicts the unfortunate turn of events that may occur should a barrister have to live with the frustrations of cable instead of Direct TV. Director Tom Kuntz helps bring this humorous spot to life with his renowned comedic flair.

The domino effect of regrettable circumstances culminates in the barrister’s house being blown up by a revengeful client who serves time after being wrongfully convicted. This final scene was the key VFX sequence the Method team worked on and was led by Martin Lazaro in New York and supervised by Sean Faden in Los Angeles.

The practical explosion needed careful planning by the pyrotechnics team and the talent was filmed in a separate take, out of harm’s way. Method composited the explosion footage with other practical explosion elements and falling burning debris making sure that lighting conditions matched across all layers. Careful attention to detail ensured that the talent looked in the thick of the action during the explosive scene.


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