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This Super Bowl 2013 spot for KIA marks the official launch of the Forte, a new car designed for those who love technology. The new vehicle is equipped with an array of high-tech features that get highlighted by some equally high-tech auto show girls known as ‘Hotbots’. One bot is particularly hot – former Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella!

Method teamed up with agency David&Goliath, production company MZJ and director Carl Erik Rinsch to deliver the polished, futuristic effects needed to bring the Hotbots to life.


Method's focus for this spot was to conceptualize and construct the ‘Hotbots’ – a futuristic take on an auto show model who is overly protective of the attractive Forte. As they show the car to the crowd, we see one unsuspecting attendee go in for a closer look – only he goes in a little too close for the Hotbot’s comfort.

VFX Supervisor Benjamin Walsh notes "After discussions with Carl and the agency creatives, we concluded that the best methodology was to shoot practical models and track CG mechanical components on top. We combined the best features from around 20 different concept designs to come up with a unique and sexy looking Hotbot – every CG artists dream job!”

After particularly successful CG skin lighting tests, it was determined that only the live action heads and dresses of the models would be kept and the arms, chest and legs would be replaced entirely. This meant very precise rotomation was required to match up the 3D limbs with the live action footage.

Another challenge was linked to crafting the CG mechanics of the joints. Ben continues, “The clear plastic windows revealing the joints needed to demonstrate the complexity of the robots but not look too busy. We ended up reducing the amount of vein-like wires which glow blue with energy in the final renders to allow the fine detail of the other components to be seen.”


World class stunt coordinator Gary Powell (Skyfall, Bourne Ultimatum) was on set to orchestrate the aftermath of the ‘atomic wedgie’ sequence when a feisty Hotbot springs into action to protect the Forte and sends an auto enthusiast flying into the hors d'oeuvres. Method cleaned up the shots in post with wire removal and also enhanced the scenes with set extension and compositing crowd plates.

The message here is clear – respect the tech – unless you want a Hotbot to teach you a lesson.


  • Super Bowl
  • Hard surface
  • Concept
  • Compositing
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