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Working in conjunction with Pogo Pictures, a longtime colleague in the Atlanta commercial market, Method Studios were tapped up to be a part of a lighthearted and humorous pet project with big aspirations; create a commercial for Doritos and crash the Super Bowl. Enter Moose the Goat. After an off-handed comment by Moose’s owner, director and executive producer Steve Colby, what began as an idea rumbling in the head of Pogo director and editor Ben Callner, quickly became a viral phenomenon. The commercial was picked as one of five finalists in Doritos Crash the Super Bowl competition and on game day, the entire team’s dreams came true and the ad aired in front of millions of viewers.

The Method team was tasked with rig, rod and animal handler removal, visual corrections, enhancements and beautification in numerous shots, as well as the compositing and manipulation of multiple takes of the hero shot together to create the perfect goat performance. Billy Gabor of Company 3 in Atlanta lent his talents for color correction of the spot.

The director and production company aimed to create something that was not only funny and bit absurd, but also relatable. You feel for the lead character in his quest to find a friend, making the spot all the more memorable. The VFX goal was to subtly modify Moose’s performance as a means of enhancing his charisma and helping humanize him and his ambitions. To that end, several shots were adjusted and composited to create the right performance in the right location. And who doesn’t like a good bug-eyed goat scream? 

Deron Hoffmeyer, lead Flame Artist at Method Studios in Atlanta and part of the team working with Ben Callner and Pogo Pictures comments, “Ben is a fantastic young director in Atlanta and we jumped at the opportunity when he called on us to lend a hand. With a turn-around time of only a couple of days, our team was able to complete a handful of shots in Flame where we could work very quickly and interactively with the director. We are so pleased with the positive response that it has received and are proud to have been able to play a role in getting Moose the Goat into the Big Game.”


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