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Ford ‘Focus & Fusion Campaign’

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Method’s New York team created vibrant environments to show off Ford’s new Focus and Fusion models for the Latin market. Directed by Method’s Shane Griffin and Jon Noorlander via ad agency Zubi Advertising, Method facilitated the spots from concept through completion.

The spots (two :30s and one :15) are a combination of CG and live action, and reference traditional Hispanic art and culture by featuring colorful, dynamic trompos (whipping tops) and intricately woven textiles. Aside from their engaging visual quality, these objects also serve as obstacles to show off the cars’ handling capacity.

The Method team’s first step was completing detailed previsualization in Maya, which was then used on set to guide the shoot’s ambitious camera moves. In-house production was overseen by Adrienne Mitchell, and Doug Luka was on set to supervise the shots and gather information to inform the CG and animation process. In post, Method artists utilized Maya for building, modeling, and rigging assets, and MARI for texturing. Shots were initially animated in Maya and Houdini, before being integrated with the live action plates using NUKE. Look development, lighting, and effects were completed in Maya and rendered in V-Ray, and design was handled using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Maya. Finally, CG imagery was composited with additional 2D elements, set extensions, and the live action plates using NUKE and Flame.

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