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Nike ‘Fast is Faster’

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Method LA were excited to work in partnership with award-winning director Mark Romanek on this great looking commercial advertising Nike’s new NFL uniforms. The creative brief centered on combining live action footage and photo-realistic CG to create a pastiche of visual metaphors conveying the evolution of “fast” in professional football. The spot features many of the NFL’s top athletes and is set within a futuristic stadium tunnel environment.

The challenge faced by the Method team was the sheer volume of complex one-of VFX shots. CG elements include a unique concept car, wrecking ball, jet engine, collapsing oil drum, and atmospheric effects such as smoke, wind trails and animated fire. All of these effects needed to be realistic within a hyper-real environment and there was very little overlap in the type of effects being used between each shot - almost every scene required a dedicated artist to develop and render the effect within the tight post-production schedule.

At the time of production, Method worked with a team from Faro Laser Scanners to create a full 3D scan of the environment. The data was sent back to Method and reconstructed to create a fully textured environment of the set that was used for photo-realistic set reflections in the CG objects. It was important to deliver a slick commercial which looked both believable and futuristic.


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