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Sonos ‘Face Off’

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Directed by Mark Romanek, this eye catching commercial for Sonos, which aired during the 2014 Super Bowl, demonstrates how their wireless speakers fill your home with sound at the tap of an app. The individually controlled speakers allow for different music to be played in each room - an idea that is conveyed with growing color filling the monotone environments.

Method's task with regards to VFX involved the enhancement and re-animation of lighting built into the beautifully created studio set. Some scenes needed simple augmentation, others needed color to be changed based on revised storytelling post-shoot, and others needed more complex digital animation of the growing color.

The main challenges the artist faced centered around animating the colored light over 3-dimentional, textured and reflective objects such as the chandelier. Using a 2D approach, the effects were created using composting tools (Flame/Nuke) making sure that the saturation and the movement of the light remained as elegant as the decor it was creeping over.


  • Super Bowl
  • Compositing
  • Finishing
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