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Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

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Much of the work on this critically-acclaimed drama consisted of "invisible" effects that aren't necessarily flashy but are vital to the story. "Method composited a lot of what was outside the apartment where Thomas the boy lives with his mother," explains Head of Production of New York, Cara Buckley, "and we created a number of lighting and environment adjustments throughout the film."

The work was overseen by compositing supervisor Jeff Allen, who worked out of the New York facility for the duration of the project. His team worked primarily in Nuke and Science.D.Vision's 3DEqualizer.

Buckley explains that the project was also an excellent example of the synergy that Deluxe Creative Services Group companies can bring to a project. Deluxe NY handled the initial de-Bayering and processing of the original ARRIRAW material from the ARRI Alexa cameras, Method Studios handled the VFX, and Stefan Sonnenfeld, president of Deluxe Creative Services Group and Company 3’s founder graded the film in his digital intermediate theater at the New York outpost of Company 3. "There was a great efficiency among the companies using our pipeline," Buckley continued. "With VFX and color all in the same building, it was very easy for the clients to track the progress of our work."

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