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Exodus: Gods and Kings

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Exodus: Gods and Kings is a movie begging to be watched on the big screen. The latest epic from director Ridley Scott was released on 12th December and sees Christian Bale play a defiant Moses who rises up against the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses. Method’s VFX Supervisor Simon Carr (based in London) led a team of 62 artists in the quest to realize a host of effects of biblical proportions. 


Method’s 223 shots covered everything from digital matte paintings of dramatic landscapes through to a CG stone sphinx, hundreds of digital doubles, fires, weapons and mosquitoes. 


The biggest challenge faced by the team was delivering in stereo. Although Method’s pipeline was ready to do a 3D feature, they needed to update tools and processes to meet the very exacting requirements of the production stereo supervisor. “The team met the stereo challenge with flying colors”, says Simon. “A dedicated team of comp artists showed admirable dedication and eye for detail to a task, which when done so well, is completely unnoticeable.”


Many of the dramatic scenes called for apocalyptic skies which involved complete sky replacement and day-to-night alterations. While a fairly straightforward task in principle, getting the exact look Ridley Scott envisaged resulted in numerous iterations. For certain scenes, the sky is actually the hero of the shot. Although there was a need for the skies to look dramatic, the style of the film meant that they also had to look completely realistic and a lot of crafting was demanded of the matte painters and compositors.


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  • Crowd simulation
  • FX
  • Compositing
  • Stereo
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