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One of the top Super Bowl spots Method worked on for 2012 was the ad titled ‘Enjoy Better Anthem’ for Time Warner Cable – a joint effort between Method’s New York and Sydney studios.The spot stars Ricky Gervais and promotes premium entertainment channels and cross-platform media portals amidst a host of action packed stunts.

Doug Luka, VFX Supervisor comments, “We had a lot to do in a very short period of time but Noam and the Biscuit team made sure we had everything we needed in order to pull this epic spot together. We pulled out all the stops with matte paintings, layered explosions and atmospheric effects to make the back-lot sets feel rich and cinematic – just as the director envisaged.”

James Rogers supervised the four-day shoot in Los Angeles before returning to complete the work with his colleagues in Sydney. Rogers comments, “Part of the action involves Blackhawk helicopters saving Ricky as he runs from a horde of zombies. Our 3D team added the fully digital Blackhawks, flying debris, dust and other chaos. The stunt actor required head replacement so we stitched Ricky’s head back on for these shots. It’s the kind of outrageous fun Super Bowl spots are known for.”


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