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One of the 2012 Super Bowl ads that the Method Studios team applied their talents to is the Noam Murro directed ‘Drive The Dream,’ through agency David&Goliath. This VFX heavy commercial promotes the new Kia Optima and opens with a miniature sandman who sprinkles magic dust on a sleeping couple. The surreal dream sequences that follow are packed full of idealistic scenarios (depending on whether you are a man or woman) and include a hunk on horseback, a Victoria’s Secret model and an impromptu rock concert at a race track. Cramming in so many unbelievable scenes into a believable 30-second commercial presented the key challenge to the artists.

Method Studios in Los Angeles and Sydney brought the dreams to life with a combination of forced perspective scale effects along with CGI. “A main focus here was the guy’s dream,” offers Rob Hodgson, VFX Supervisor. “Noam wanted a hyppereal quality that was still somewhat rooted in reality. Our task was to augment the shots in order to strike an unusual balance between realism and fantasy.”


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