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Chrysler’s Dodge brand recently partnered up with the Syfy TV show Defiance in an inspired piece of product placement. The Charger features as the hero vehicle in the show, which is the first-ever convergence of television and gaming where storylines co-exist throughout both the TV drama and online game.

Ad agency Wieden+Kennedy make the most of this intriguing scenario in this latest ad for Dodge. The spot introduces a dramatically transformed planet Earth, its landscapes permanently altered following the sudden arrival of aliens. The Dodge vehicle is depicted in various stages of transformation, along with the environment, from present day to 2046.

Method Studios teamed up with MJZ and director Nicolai Fuglsig, and provided the action packed visual effects for the spot.

The scope of VFX was vast and included 2D and 3D debris and explosions, augmented elements from the TV show including spaceships and terra-formed terrain, plus extensive matte paintings to help set the scene.

It was important to create an environment familiar to the gaming and TV show fans, and CG assets provided from both platforms needed to be integrated into the ad. Matte paintings were used in every scene and smooth transitions using debris, smoke and dust were created to help blend the edit together.

VFX Producer, Jason Cohon notes, “The biggest challenge was to create an almost 270 degree matte painting of the terra-formed town of Defiance and to then track this into an aggressive camera move. The action takes the viewer from the overlook down a switchback and provides a great ending to the chase sequence.”


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