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Game of War ‘Decisions / Reputation’

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Game of War: Fire Age, one of the top-grossing mobile games in the world, recruited supermodel Kate Upton and Method Studios for its first TV commercial. The first of three spots features a voluptuous 'Anthea' and a CG hydra (type of dragon) - the follow up ad showcases a monstrous Minotaur. The campaign was the brainchild of creative shop Untitled Worldwide. VFX Supervisor Benjamin Walsh worked with director Gary Shore of Anonymous Content to bring the VFX studded spot to life.


The creative brief required a live action interpretation of the game including a photo real, fire breathing hydra and all the destruction that a medieval battle entails. The scope of VFX work was vast and included a full CG aerial shot with digital army and environment, compositing an extensive amount of CG FX such as smoke, fire, debris and matte painted mountains and skies.


Ben notes, "One of the biggest challenges for the Method team was the schedule for completing such a large amount of VFX - a nail biting 11 days from final edit to delivery. We made the most of the two weeks prior to the shoot by building the hydra model and starting RnD on the FX and massive elements so we could hit the ground running once the edit was locked."


Luck was not on the production team's side and adverse weather conditions hampered the shoot in Slovenia. As a result, the cloudy sky produced very diffuse lighting and the Method artists used this as an opportunity to use the CG fire to interactively light the hydra. Along with the fire, a heavy smoke filled environment was called for which demanded large FX renders. This meant that the compositing team got some elements with only a short amount of time to work with them ahead of the deadline. "Our team did a phenomenal job in the time frame we had to work with" summarizes Ben. "The finessing of the spot with elements like falling embers elevated the spot and provided the attention to detail Method is renowned for."
The final grade was completed by Stefan Sonnenfeld, the founder of Method's sister company, Company 3.​


  • Characters
  • Beauty
  • Environments
  • Crowd simulation
  • FX
  • Compositing
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