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American Football fans will instantly recognize Cleatus – the stocky robot who stars in this teaser for the new NFL season build up. Cleatus is in fact the official mascot of the Fox NFL Sunday pregame TV show who made his first appearance in 2005.

As well as starring in the TV show titles, he regularly appears in promos and commercials and has been seen playing a guitar, dancing and interacting with Iron Man, the Burger King and T-1000 Terminator. In this reiteration, while the action is subdued, Americans can relate to his frustration of waiting to be seen at the DMV (America’s Department of Motor Vehicles – where it typically takes an age to get an appointment).

The Method character artists were given a model of Cleatus to work with, but as the teaser is a single, long close up shot, and in a natural setting, the team needed to clean up and enhance the model to be convincingly realistic. Lots of detail was added and the compositing team made sure the CG sat seamlessly in the filmed footage of the DMV waiting room.


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