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Fox Sports ‘Cleatus and Beats’

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Method's second round of Fox Sports promos featuring the brutish Cleatus sees the giant robot enjoying his new Beats headphones. The three promos titled Bus, Locker and Training, premiered during the 2014 Super Bowl.

As a ramp up to the game, the main concept of the spots was of Cleatus arriving at the stadium and getting ready for the game. The promos also served as a tie in to the previous Super Bowl Beats headphone commercials where recognizable athletes were using the headphones to drown out the outside world, at venues similar to the one depicted in our spots.

Method was tasked with replacing the performances of a live actor with a fully CG robot with each spot featuring a separate action and interaction with actors on set. There was also a need to dramatize the sky and matte paint the venue as well as adding snow flurries to the Bus spot.

The artists opted to rotomate a reference actor over motion capture in order to accelerate the approval process. On an extremely short schedule, the client was able to secure approvals in editorial knowing that Cleatus was going to match the action of our actor in camera.

The main challenge was to retain the acting nuances of the performer while resolving the many technical issues of replacing the actor with a robot several times larger. It was important to maintain believability in regards to motion, weight, surface quality and matching the set lighting. There was also the tough, yet often hidden aspect, of painting out the original actor, and producing tight integration data to facilitate the integration of plate and CG imagery.


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