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GE ‘Childlike Imagination’

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This VFX heavy spot was turned around in just two weeks by our talented Method artists in LA and New York. It launched on television during the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics and will continue running throughout the year.

Directed by the award-winning Dante Ariola, the ad features a young girl describing her parent's role at GE. The touching concept, devised by the creatives at ad agency BBDO NY, was that from the little girl's perspective everything is magical. This idea greatly influenced the creative direction of the spot and the ever present visual effects. VFX Supervisor Benjamin Walsh comments, "Dante and his team at MJZ did a great job collaborating with BBDO in giving us a direction to pursue, but also allowed us freedom to help shape the commercial creatively."


The commercial depicts a variety of scenes and environments, each resulting in their own unique VFX challenges. The underwater vignette involved CG water, bubbles, particulate matter, the large turbines and submarine itself. Other CG components include a fantastical printer, planes with bird wings, birdcage, engine, train, trees and a paper hospital. In amongst each scene are matte painted environments and various dynamic elements such as dirt, dust and clouds.


With only 14 days to work on the shots after receiving plates, the Method team made use of the RnD from some past feature film projects, specifically CG feathers and trees which are typically time consuming elements to produce.

"CG supervisor Brian Burke did a great job overseeing the melting pot of CG, working closely with our compositing supervisor Dominik Bauch in streamlining 3D & 2D components" notes Benjamin. "Our New York team led by Doug Luka and Jason Hawkins took on the challenge of creating a full CG water environment populated with giant turbines, explored by the little girl in her submarine. Distributing the workload across Method's two studios was essential in order for us to meet the deadline. We also worked closely with Stefan Sonnenfeld at Company 3 who created the final grade. The finished ad looks like an animated storybook, realistic yet fantastical, a world that most of our artists probably dream themselves to live in."


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