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Captain America: Civil War

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For “Captain America: Civil War,” the team at Method Studios created the animation-heavy third act and epic final battle sequence, featuring a photo-real CG Iron Man; environments; destruction; and digital doubles for the title character and Bucky, the Winter Soldier. Led by VFX Supervisor Gregory Steele and Animation Director Keith Roberts, Method was one of the principal visual effects houses for the film, completing 434 shots.

In the final battle, Iron Man, Captain America and the Winter Soldier face off in an abandoned Siberian nuclear missile silo. To achieve realistic lighting, color and damage for Iron Man’s suit, Method artists created a full CG Iron Man replica, using precise shaders and lighting techniques to ensure the suit appeared dull and worn rather than bright and glossy. Aiming for a natural yet ominous look throughout the sequence, the team also created harsh shadows around Iron Man for a menacing effect.

Earlier in the film, the Winter Soldier attempts to escape from Captain America in a helicopter. During takeoff, Captain America thwarts the getaway, using brute strength to bring the helicopter crashing down into the river below. For this sequence, Method created a CG helicopter, environment, water and digital doubles for both characters. The scene was shot on green screen on an outdoor set with natural sunlight, using a decommissioned helicopter on a hydraulic arm to stage the action. Method digitally replaced the helicopter in each shot and created a fully CG skyline loosely based on Berlin. 

Method also created a number of CG environments for sequences across the feature.


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