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Marvel Entertainment ‘Captain America’

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The Method Design team was thrilled to be given the task of designing the Captain America main on end title sequence given that Marvel is renowned for titles with creative flair. The original concept began with brainstorming around director Joe Johnston’s previous films, namely The Rocketeer. The art deco look and feel of that film, mixed with a WWII theme, gave the creatives a great launch-pad for discussion.  Creative Director, Steve Viola pitched the idea of doing something similar to the black and white Nazi propaganda films but with an American theme. The concept boards that secured the project demonstrated seamless transitions between iconic wartime illustrations and made the most of the stereo nature of the film.

A number of techniques were employed for dimensionalizing the 2D imagery of the posters and Method’s designers worked with the 3D team to break down the images into elements that could be mapped onto fully modeled geometry in Maya. The final result involved 19 different posters being used to feature a total of 29 credits.


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