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VOYA ‘Butterflies’

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Our talented Method team in New York were tasked with painting a beautiful visual story using CGI creatures to help launch the newly branded savings company VOYA (previously ING). This commercial opens with the metamorphosis of a caterpillar forming a chrysalis and then breaking out as an origami butterfly. The butterfly, textured as an orange dollar bill, floats through each scene interacting with the talent and its surroundings. Butterflies appear exponentially until they form the letters ING, then transform into the VOYA end tag.

Along with the metamorphosis animations, it was important to sell the large of scale of the butterfly migration, making it look realistic but also dramatized. Joon Lee our CG Supervisor says, "The strength of our animation team shined through the challenge of merging three different stages of metamorphosis in such a short time-frame with a high attention to detail. Our expertise with keyframe animation and procedural dynamics along with the combination of Maya and Houdini, enabled us to maximize efficiency and produce a stunning migration sequence."  

VFX Supervisor Christopher Hunt adds, “The animation, lighting, texturing and compositing all give life to the origami butterflies. Little subtleties such as tiny ripples in the water as the butterfly skims over the puddle, to the level of translucency in the butterfly wings added the extra touches needed to bring this magical spot to life.”​


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