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‘Time travel, while inordinately cool, presents its share of inconveniences for those in charge of the logistics’ – this is the great opener from ESPN who covered the VFX behind the recent Kia Optima campaign starring Blake Griffin.

Several spots in the time-traveling series feature ‘lookalike’ Griffin’s played by child actors – but for the spots where the basketball star travels back to 2002 and 2006, 23 year old Griffin played himself and was augmented to look 13 and 17 thanks to some VFX wizardry.

Method’s team studied old family photographs down to the finest detail. VFX Supervisor Benjamin Walsh comments, “We noticed when Blake was younger, he had a lot more freckles around his nose and on top of his cheeks, so we added that in. We brought his eyes a little closer together, did some work on his nose, gave him a haircut, smoothed out his skin and played with his complexion. In terms of creating a younger looking body, we carved away at his back, arms and calves to take away muscle mass to make him look late-teens”.

“It was a big challenge,” Walsh continues. “David&Goliath wanted a hint of the modern-day Blake in there and wanted people to see straight away that it was him without wondering how this was achieved. It was important to find subtle nuances between 23-year-old Blake and the younger Blake’s to actually make this successful.”


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