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Samsung ‘Beauty and Might’

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To promote Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge phones in cinemas alongside the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Method teamed with 72andSunny to create this stunning 60 second spot, 'Beauty and Might.' The ad transitions between the familiar weapons of Captain America, Thor and Iron Man, and the new Samsung phones, all in impeccably detailed close-up.

Having created the original Avengers title sequence, the Method crew were no strangers to the detail of the superheroes weaponry. Using Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer and Iron Man’s gauntlet to underscore the strength and craftsmanship of the new Samsung phones, the spot highlights the phones’ design and features and shows off their high-res screens with live action footage from the film. Method received weapon assets from Marvel and CAD models of the phones from Samsung; the latter needed to be re-worked for Method’s VFX pipeline and to achieve a detailed enough resolution to withstand the spot’s extreme close ups. Method’s team – led by VFX Supervisor Olivier Dumont, Compositing Supervisor Patrick Ferguson, and CG Supervisor Erik Gamache – animated several iterations of both weapons and phones in order to find the right angles and movements for smooth transitions. Aside from the live action footage in the phone’s screens, which Method carefully selected from the film’s trailer, the spot is fully CG and was completed and delivered in 4K.

Method’s VFX Producer Michelle Machado and VFX Coordinator Julie Osborn tackled the complex managerial challenges of securing the necessary assets and footage, and tracking all of the iterations and deliverables. In addition to the 4K master, Method delivered the final spot in a wide variety of codecs and formats for audiences worldwide.

Method’s main technical challenge on the 4-week project came from lighting and textures. “The vision for this spot was to have everything appear seamless and elegant, and we worked very hard to make sure that everything passed muster,” said Olivier. “From creating detailed CG elements in 4K, to finding the right angle to showcase a certain feature, to creating the proper lighting and shading as the weapons and phones rotate, the final product really speaks to the skill level of everyone on this team.”


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