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DirecTV ‘Bears’

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DirecTV have produced many ads promoting their Genie product – a device that lets you record and watch multiple programs from one DVR. This spot is our favorite of the bunch and displays director Tom Kuntz’s trademark sense of dead-pan humor to great effect.

A small but perfectly formed VFX crew in our NY office worked quickly to turnaround several spots including this one within a tight schedule. This particular spot includes matte paintings and 2D augmentation to enhance the backgrounds, CG water effects and the CG fish caught by the hero in the last scene – much to the bears’ disgust!

Jay Hawkins, Method’s Flame Artist on the job, notes, “As there were three scenarios within the spot, we didn’t have much screen time to work with for each gag. We had to be very precise in our timing to make sure the jokes worked within the edit.”


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