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EA ‘Battlefield Hardline’

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Method’s Los Angeles team helped FCB West and director Nicolai Fuglsig create a groundbreaking 360-degree interactive short to promote EA’s first-person shooter game “Battlefield Hardline.” The nearly five-minute spot immerses viewers within an action-packed bank heist and subsequent police chase, allowing them to interact with and navigate the environment using either a mouse or mobile device touchscreen.

Method’s team, led by VFX Supervisor Benjamin Walsh, was tasked with creating extensive visual effects, including atmospheric elements such as CG smoke and debris, and matte paintings of environment damage. The project, which required working with footage in 3840 x 720 resolution on an unwrapped cylindrical plate, was the first of its kind for the Method team.

The short was filmed in one take using a single camera shooting straight up into a cone-shaped mirror that captured a 360-degree reflection of the surrounding environment. This allowed the actors to come closer to the camera than usual with a 360-degree rig, creating a more immersive feel – but it also presented several challenges for the Method team. Since the cone-shaped mirror created a unique lens that does not exist in reality, replicating it in CG often required multiple techniques for a single task. The cone also led to some initial image warping, which Method artists carefully worked to minimize.

All in all, the cutting-edge project delivers an immersive experience that channels the gameplay experience more authentically than traditional video game commercials.

Click here for the full 360-immersive experience.

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