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Method Studios houses a robust Commercial Creative Finishing and Beauty Department which is led by Aidan Thomas (Creative Director) and Cara Lehr (Executive Producer) in Los Angeles, and Randie Swanberg (Creative Director) and Angela Lupo (Executive Producer) in New York. The department features a team of highly skilled artists with a wide range of talents in addition to a dedicated team of producers. Our team is on standby to provide your spots with all manner of online, compositing, re-touching, beauty and versioning work and we offer a fast and flexible turnaround service for all deliveries and timelines.

For more information contact Cara Lehr cara.1adcflehr@7d7f6metho9b3ffdstud9cc61ios.c2694dom065a0 or Angela Lupo angel4f1b8a.lup79370o@met7f474hodstdd55eudios950e8.com67193.

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