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SIGGRAPH 2016 Round-Up

Aug 1, 2016

Method Studios was part of a massive Deluxe VFX contingency that was out in force in Anaheim last week. Our recruiters met with hundreds of candidates, presenting a global smorgasbord of VFX opportunities available not only at Method, but at our sister studios Deluxe VR, Encore VFX, Iloura and Rushes as well. Method’s work was on center stage at the Conference, presented by VFX Supervisor Greg Steele as part of a featured production session: The Making of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.” Our own Peter Claes presented Method’s Ant Man work at the Side Effects booth, while colleagues from Encore VFX (Thomas Connors, Andranik Taranyan and Gevork Babityan) presented their awesome work on The Flash for Chaos Group and The Foundry. Thanks to all who came out to see us, talk, work, and meet! Read more

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