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AEAF nominees announced

Jul 21, 2015

We are excited to see 8 Method projects nominated in the AEAF Awards this year! Shout out to our international crews who worked on these titles... Feature Film VFX: Jupiter Ascending, The Maze Runner Feature Film Animation: Night at the Museum: The Secret Tomb Commercials VFX: Game of War 'Decisions', Concave 'Game Evolved', Farmers Union Iced Coffee 'Armageddon' Commercials Animation: Kleenex Cottonelle 'Heart Of Borneo' Short Film: The Nightingale and the Rose Read more

SIGGRAPH Asia pick two Method entries for CAF

Jul 21, 2015

SIGGRAPH​ Asia, one of the world's top conferences celebrating achievements in CGI, have today notified us that our Jupiter Ascending and Maze Runner submissions have been accepted into their Computer Animation Festival. The conference takes place in Kobe, Japan in early November and attracts the most respected technical and creative people from all over the world. Read more

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