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Vertical Cinema discussion

Apr 7, 2015

What happens when you turn cinema on it's head and screen portrait aspect productions? This Cinefex blog article includes interesting comments from industry experts (including Method Studios President Marc Weigert) about the challenges movie makers face with Vertical Cinema. Read more

SHOOT VFX & Animation Chart champions Game of War

Mar 27, 2015

We were happy to see that SHOOT's latest VFX & Animation top ten includes our Game of War Super Bowl hit 'Who I Am'. Our task was to compliment and enhance the beautifully dark mood created in camera by director Nathan Price, and bring to life the fiery battle, giant CG knight and medieval environment. Read more

Howww deconstruct Method's work on the new National Lottery Gameshow

Mar 10, 2015

Creative bloggers Howww chose our latest Design project as the subject of their most recent case study. DDFH&B wanted a Rube Goldberg style installation for their promo for the new National Lottery gameshow and our Creative Director Shane Griffin created an ad that took the viewer on a journey through some of the luxuries you can afford if you win the million dollar euro prize. Read more

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