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Method conquer no fly zone

Jul 2, 2013

The Method 'making of' sequence for White House Down is up exclusively on FXguide along with a great write up about the film. Production VFX Supervisor Volker Engel delivers a great quote: “Well, you’re very enthusiastic at the beginning and you think you’re going to get a lot from aerial photography, and then you do your research and you find out about the no-fly zone which pretty much includes everything that you need for the movie!” Read more

DMW spotlight on Iron Man 3

Jun 20, 2013

Method's work on Iron Man 3 headlines Digital Media World's write up on the film. VFX Sup Matt Dessero shares his experiences in creating the Extremis effect and epic water tower collapse. Read more

Method mentor animation students in week long blog

Jun 18, 2013

Animation Mentor are showcasing Method's work and artists during a week long blog titled 'VFX Are Everywhere' - in this article they chat to our top compositor Patrick Ferguson about invisible effects, top Super Bowl spot 'Space Babies' and the departmental set up at Method Studios. Read more

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