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More Maze!

Oct 28, 2014

Here's the latest VFX write up on The Maze Runner - this time from 3Dtotal. This article concentrates on the menacing Greiver characters who were crafted by Animation Director Erik de Boer. Read more

SHOOT spot of the week goes to VIZIO

Oct 24, 2014

Conceived by a creative ensemble at David&Goliath, Dante Ariola of MJZ directed this ad which shows a family so captivated by their Vizio Ultra HD TV that they don’t even notice that a giant tree has come crashing into their home. VFX courtesy of our LA studio. Read more

Art of VFX enter the Maze

Oct 22, 2014

Another in depth article by The Art of VFX looks at the VFX behind the huge walls of the Maze. Method's very own Sue Rowe chats about her experience as VFX Supervisor for the production. Read more

GE 'Ideas' picked for Top Ten VFX & Animation chart

Oct 20, 2014

Method has graced the top of SHOOT's quarterly VFX & Animation Chart once again - this time with 'Ideas' for General Electric. The commercial features a fully CG feathered creature towards the end of the spot. Beautiful work by our LA team. Read more

Digital LA put together stellar Guardians of the Galaxy event

Oct 20, 2014

Digital LA have put together a stellar panel of experts who will be discussing their work on 2014's most successful film to date - Guardians of the Galaxy. The panel includes Method superstars Stephane Ceretti and Koen Vroeijenstijn. The event is in Hollywood on 28th October. Full details and tickets here Read more

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