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Herculean VFX

Dec 1, 2014

With the Director’s Cut arriving on DVD & Blu-Ray for Hercules today in the UK, Trevor Hogg of Flickering Myth chats to our VFX Supervisor Doug Bloom about Method's visual effects work. Read more

Method's monstrous creature pipeline

Nov 29, 2014

Digital Media World focus on our first class creature pipeline in this fascinating piece. Read up on how Method Studios brought the monstrous Greivers to life for The Maze Runner. Read more

VFX: Art or Science?

Nov 25, 2014

Here is a fascinating article by Cinefex that poses the question - visual effects: art or science? Check out the responses by some of the finest VFX experts in the industry - our own Animation Director, Erik de Boer, included Read more

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