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Art of VFX enter the Maze

Oct 22, 2014

Another in depth article by The Art of VFX looks at the VFX behind the huge walls of the Maze. Method's very own Sue Rowe chats about her experience as VFX Supervisor for the production. Read more

GE 'Ideas' picked for Top Ten VFX & Animation chart

Oct 20, 2014

Method has graced the top of SHOOT's quarterly VFX & Animation Chart once again - this time with 'Ideas' for General Electric. The commercial features a fully CG feathered creature towards the end of the spot. Beautiful work by our LA team. Read more

Digital LA put together stellar Guardians of the Galaxy event

Oct 20, 2014

Digital LA have put together a stellar panel of experts who will be discussing their work on 2014's most successful film to date - Guardians of the Galaxy. The panel includes Method superstars Stephane Ceretti and Koen Vroeijenstijn. The event is in Hollywood on 28th October. Full details and tickets here Read more

Galactic CG

Oct 14, 2014

Digital Tutors have posted a great article about our work on The Guardians of the Galaxy having spoken with Koen Vroeijenstijn, Method’s CG supervisor on the project. Read more

3D Grievers review

Oct 8, 2014

3D Total take a look at how Method Studios' Animation Director, Erik-Jan de Boer (one of the Oscar-winning VFX team responsible for Life of Pi's tiger), brought The Maze Runner Grievers to life Read more

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