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Senior Houdini FX Artist


Method Studios is currently in search of a Senior Houdini FX Artist to join the 3D animation team.

The senior-level Houdini FX artist will design and animate high quality, photo-real effects (dust, fire, smoke, explosions, debris, clouds, etc.) that meet all technical and aesthetic standards for the assigned project.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, dedicated team player who is looking to advance his/her career in Feature and Commercial VFX.

Responsibilities and Duties
  • working within the show structure and production deadlines to complete all tasks
  • integrating created elements into scenes with lighting, shadows, reflections, etc.
  • working closely with Lighting Artist and Compositors to ensure all effects will work smoothly within the show pipeline
  • producing look-tests based on provided reference materials
  • minimum 5 years proficiency in using Houdini
  • bachelor's degree in Animation, Arts, Fine Arts, or equivalent production experience
  • decent experience using Nuke
  • knowledge of any and/or all of the following:
    • rigid body and particle dynamics
    • volume modeling and rendering
    • procedural geometry generation
    • fluid dynamics
  • strong understanding of physical dynamics and natural phenomena
  • experience with one or more other professional software packages, such as Maya, a plus
  • proficiency in shading and rendering techniques, ideally both Mantra and Renderman
  • scripting proficiency using Python, a plus
  • strong technical knowledge and organizational skills
  • good communication skills and able to take exact direction from show leads and FX TDs

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Systems Engineer


Method Studios is currently searching for a Systems Engineer to join its Technology team. The primary focus of this position is in systems architecture and infrastructure engineering. The candidate will require expertise in systems administration and architecture along with foundational programming ability. Candidate will work to implement and improve Method's existing in-house infrastructure, as well as integrate and maintain various third-party systems and products. Candidates will contribute to the design of future architecture in addition to evaluating and integrating third-party solutions for hardware, software, and workflow for maintenance of operations across a multi-site world-class visual effects facility.  Candidates with a Visual Effects background or understanding highly preferred. 

Responsibilities and Duties

Perform in the following technical areas:

  • Systems installation, configuration and operation
  • Core network service (LDAP, DNS, Firewall, etc.) installation and administration
  • Hardware integration and deployment
  • Software installation
  • Configuration management (Puppet)
  • Networking
  • Incident response and management
  • Security
  • Setup and installation of Linux and open-source extension packages
  • Develop internal systems tools and utilities for operating, monitoring, and reporting on studio infrastructure availability and utilization.
  • Develop and maintain high-level digital security standards required in a post-production environment.
  • Develop and maintain written operational procedures for routine network management processes.
  • Administer servers and network services: LDAP, NIS, AD, DNS, DHCP, NFS
  • Administer network switches, network storage and associated tape backup system, Virtual Server Infrastructure, Databases, User accounts, Email technologies, Firewall, Internet and Digital Security, User support and troubleshooting
  • Analyze and tune systems for performance, throughput, resource utilization, high availability, and scalability
  • Evaluate system components, software, networking infrastructure and hardware peripherals for reliability, performance, scalability and security
  • Research in order to maintain a working knowledge of relevant hardware and software applications, including emerging technologies
  • Evaluate business requirements and make recommendations on systems design and hardware purchases to fulfill business needs.
  • Render Farms
  • Knowledge of Qube Render Managing tools and Pipeline
  • Artist Work Stations (difference between a modeler, compositor, animator, editor)
  • Some Flame background if possible
  • Linux pipeline, be familiar with Ubuntu, CentOS,
  • Very Familiar with networking and switches, routing topologies
  • Understand storage solutions tier1, nearline, backup systems
  • Be able to manage themselves and to some degree junior engineers
  • Be able to communicate verbally and in writing, document what they do
  • Be fast and productive
  • Provide solutions based on budgets and deadlines

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Linux Systems Engineer

Method Studios is currently searching for a Senior Linux Systems Engineer to join its Technology team. The primary focus of this position is in Linux network architecture and infrastructure engineering.

Key Skills

  • Strong scripting in one of more of the following: Bash, Perl, Ruby or Python.
  • Any candidate needs to be strong in Debian/Ubuntu (preferable) or Redhat/CentOS.
  • Experience with one or more automation technologies (Puppet, Chef, Cfengine, Salt or Ansible).
  • Modern methodologies such as DevOps and/or Agile Development.


  • Bachelors in Computer Science, Information Systems or comparable professional experience
  • Minimum 4 years’ experience in a professional systems engineering environment preferably Linux.
  • Advanced knowledge of Linux server and desktop environments
  • Programming experience with at least one of Python, Bash, Pearl and Ruby. 

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Senior Rigging Artist


Method Studios is currently in search of a Senior Rigger to join its 3D team of rigging artists.

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Creating and developing fast elegant character rigs using Maya and proprietary tools.
  • Working with modeling and animation departments to facilitate articulate realistic appealing characters.
  • Integration of characters and rigs into the production pipeline
  • Creating User Interfaces and tools to assist animators.
  • Working in partnership with R&D programmers, Animators, and Lighting TDs to ensure shots are delivered to the very highest standard.
  • Providing support to character rigs throughout production.
  • Developing long-term strategies to automate character production.
  • Minimum 5 years work experience in feature film/broadcast VFX production
  • Solid knowledge of rigging systems
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Maya
  • Provide reel demonstrating both control systems and complex deformations
  • Solid time and project management skills
  • Accessibility and willingness to collaborate is a must.
  • Thorough understanding of techniques and technologies relating to character rigging and animation comprehension of core principles relating to rigging
  • Excellent understanding of anatomy, structure, dynamics and character motion
  • Good understanding of the entire visual effects process, from shooting to modeling to texturing, animation and rendering
  • MEL and Python programming essential
  • Maya API C++ programming also a plus

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Senior Look Dev. Lighter


Method Studios is currently in search of a Senior Look Development Lighter to join the 3D team. The candidate must have expert level experience working with V-ray, and good knowledge of Maya and the use of V-ray within Maya. A working knowledge of Mantra is not required but is a major plus.

Responsibilities and Duties
  • responsible in maintaining lighting pipeline and workflow as dictated by project
  • properly assess the appropriate balance of lighting and compositing for a given shot
  • properly economize renders while still achieving required quality
  • closely work with the artistic leads to ensure creative direction is achieved
  • work with other lighting artists to provide guidance and assist in problem-solving
  • ensure work is of the highest possible quality
  • expert knowledge of V-ray
  • minimum 6 years experience working in Feature Film and Commercial animation
  • advanced understanding of lighting and advanced shading networks
  • advanced knowledge of Fusion or similar node-based compositing package
  • good knowledge of Maya, and the use of V-ray within Maya
  • good knowledge of Mantra is a plus but not required 
  • knowledge of general modeling, texturing animation, and FX is a plus
  • good balance between artistic and technical skill
  • thorough understanding of linear workflow
  • able to communicate effectively to people across all disciplines, and with various levels of experience
  • must be detail-oriented, organized, and able to handle tasks in an efficient manner
  • possesses exceptional problem-solving skills
  • works in a collaborative manner and follows direction as required
  • must be a team player and perform well under tight deadlines

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Core Pipeline Developer

The Method Pipeline Team helps shape the evolution of our technologies and workflows to enable productions to work more quickly and efficiently. The Core Pipeline side focuses on the foundation of the system, overseeing the architecture and development of underlying software libraries and in-house applications. These include tools for asset management, software packaging, production tracking, render farm management, intersite collaboration, and much more. Core developers should be versatile and able to tackle new problems throughout the post-production pipeline as we push new technology forward



  • Collaborate with other developers to propose, design, and implement projects.
  • Become familiar and reuse central libraries whenever possible.
  • Conform all code to Method coding standards and conventions.
  • Document all code written on the wiki.
  • Maintain core libraries and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Communicate with Project Manager to assess difficulty of tasks and projects.
  • Work closely with project leads and Project Manager to prioritize and schedule tasks.
  • Communicate any roadblocks and barriers to the Project Manager.
  • Deploy core libraries to all Method locations globally.
  • Maintain a positive and professional attitude.
  • Suggest improvements to any areas of the company to pipeline leadership.
  • Be open to feedback from other developers.


Minimum qualifications:

  • BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience.
  • Expertise in C/C++, Python, and shell scripting.
  • Experience with one or more database systems such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB.
  • Knowledge of Linux systems configuration and experience developing on Linux platforms.
  • Familiarity with revision control systems and collaborative development.

Preferred qualifications:

  • 2 years experience working with visual effects post-production pipelines.
  • Familiarity with computer graphics applications (e.g. Maya, Nuke, Houdini) and render farm software.
  • Familiarity with message queues.
  • Familiarity with web frameworks like Flask and Pyramid.


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Senior Video Engineer

Company3 and Method LA are currently searching for a Video Engineer to join its Technology team.

The focus of this position will be on video systems engineering and troubleshooting. 

Minimum 3 years experience in post production industry is required.
Bachelors in Computer Science, Video Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Color science or equivalent
Any certification is a plus.
Knowledge of video engineering (video routing systems, VTRs)

Previous experience in Flame/Avid/Resolve Deployment is preferred. 
Understanding of color science and video standards
Experience calibrating Projectors, CRT, Plasma, LCD, OLED displays using current probe technology.
Barco post production projector experience a plus.
Knowledge and understanding of computer hardware.
Knowledge of Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows platforms.
Knowledge of TCP/IP based networking.
Knowledge of storage systems administration, shared storage environments.
Knowledge of Autodesk systems and software (Flame, Smoke).
Team player with good communication skills
Works well under pressure and under flexible working hours

 Expert Knowledge in Linux network or general Linux Deployement is preferred. 

 Job Type: Full-time

 Required experience:

  • Projector/CRT/Monitor Calibration/Autodesk Flame/Smoke: 3 years

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Client Services Representative


Method Studios is currently in search of a Client Services Representative to join its Operations team.
The hours of the Client Service Team are based on business activity - shifts will range from morning through evening. The ideal candidate has catering, banquet and reception experience.We use this position as a stepping stone to other areas within the VFX Studio.

Many of our current coordinators and producers started off as receptionists and client service reps within our studio operation and have worked their way up through the ranks.We are looking for candidates who have a strong interest in the world of VFX, and who are determined to strive within our studio.

Responsibilities and Duties
  • coordinating food and beverage service for clients
  • planning and purchasing food for client breakfasts and snacks
  • maintaining and stocking the kitchen with supplies, shopping and ordering as needed
  • assisting in preparation and service for client sessions and meetings
  • placing and picking up food orders quickly
  • accurately ordering meals for clients and employees while tracking receipts for Accounts Payable and Billing Department
  • monitoring the bays for overall tidiness and upkeep, as well as maintain office supplies for client and talent use
  • working closely with Client Service and Producers as a team, assisting team with duties as needed
  • backing up Receptionist, answering multi-line phone system while rolling calls to the appropriate departments/employees
  • being "all hands on deck" when needed for company events is an expectation
  • remaining receptive to other duties as assigned
  • bachelor's degree; college preferred
  • minimum 1-2 years in catering, banquet, customer service, and/or reception
  • must be comfortable working with people and enjoy interacting while staying focused on individual responsibilities
  • valid driver's license - able to assist with picking up groceries and/or food orders
  • proficient with MS Word and Excel
  • highly organized and detailed-oriented
  • ability to learn Xytech basics, including schedule view
  • able to work a flexible schedule, with the availability to work different shifts and variable hours

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Senior Digital Matte Painter

Method Studios is currently in search of Senior Matte Painter who will be responsible for painting photoreal environments and landscapes.
This artist will paint photo environments, elements, and textures for matching into live action plates or standing as their own matte painting plates.
Candidate must also have a sound knowledge and understanding of visual effects pipelines, production and implementation, as well as the ability to work well in a team.

Responsibilities and Duties
  • creating digital paintings of photo realistic environments based on concept art and/or photo reference
  • painting photo environments, elements, and textures to match into live action plates or stand as their own matte painting plates
  • integrating matte paintings into 3D environments using Maya and/or Nuke
  • Expert working knowledge of Photoshop
  • A minimum of 4 years VFX industry experience working working as a digital matte painter in a feature film, TV, or commercials environment
  • Experience creating digital paintings of photo-realistic environments based on concept art and/or photo reference
  • Demonstrable experience integrating matte paintings into 3D environments using Maya and/or Nuke is beneficial
  • Possess a strong understanding of light, colour and perspective
  • Possess excellent artistic communication skills, as well as an excellent eye for detail
  • Flexibility to produce concept art from scratch is a plus
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of visual effects pipelines, production and implementation, as well as the ability to work well in a team
  • A good understanding of 2D and 3D workflows within a feature film environment
  • Knowledge of Vue software is a plus
  • Knowledge of Maya and Nuke software is a plus

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Rigging Development TD


Method Studios is currently in search of a Rig Developer TD with a focus in animation and character technology to join the Rigging team.

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Create and develop scripts and plugins for the Rigging department.
  • R&D new deformation approaches, advanced methods to create rigs, and enhance existing Maya toolsets using python and Maya API.
  • Must have good tools design logic.  Keep things as simple as possible while creating complex projects.
  • Experience working with FACS based facial rigging system is a plus.
  • Work in partnership with the Rigging team to come up with advanced but technically sound solutions to enhance our character technology and creation processes.
  • Preferable a minimum 3 years work experience in feature film/broadcast VFX production.
  • Strong programming skills.  Must know Python and C++ very well.  Experience with MEL is helpful.
  • Strong knowledge and experience with the Maya API and creating plugins.
  • Strong Math skills, ie: Linear Algebra, thorough understanding of matrices, vectors and transformations in 3D.
  • Strong Maya production experience a big plus.
  • Excellent problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Willingness to learn and grow further.
  • Must be a self starter.  Solid time and project management skills.
  • Must be willing to take direction well, a good team player, and have good work ethics.

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Lead Application Show/Pipeline TD

The Show Technical Director is involved in the planning and support  of the technical aspects of a given show or shows. Working closely under the direction of the CG, Comp and/or VFX Supervisor(s), the Show Technical Director collaborates with other leads to ensure a smooth technical process on the show. He or she will write application specific tools, or show specific pipeline tools as required, solve problems for non-technical artists and otherwise be the first response person for any technical issues on the show(s) he or she is assigned to.





·         Troubleshoot and help ensure consistent quality of rendering

·         Assist the CG supervisor with effective planning for 3D asset management.

·         Assist the CG supervisor with effective planning for the rendering process.

·         Assist with the support of a pipeline  and asset/project management system

·         Problem solving and developing improved software systems and tools

·         Develop and maintain proprietary tools/shaders/plugins/scripts and recommend relevant external alternatives, as appropriate

·         Monitors for and flags unforeseen 3D technical issues affecting budget and re-assesses time estimates to complete work accordingly

·         Ensures render efficiency at all stages.

·         Provides support of tools and procedures that enhance the production pipeline 

·         Assist cg artists with troubleshooting of cg related issues including: fur, clothing, particle effects, animation and rendering

·         Assist comp artists with troubleshooting of comp related issues including: software problems, rendering problems, scripting issues and others.

·         Trains team members on production techniques as appropriate

·         Define crew training plan with CG Supervisor

·         Facilitates production needs of team members

·         Researches and implements techniques as needed

·         Oversees technical training of new team members

·         Interface with Pipeline and stay current with studio standards and pipeline tools





·         Excellent problem solving and communication skills required

·         Linux knowledge and scripting experience required

·         Experience scripting or writing plugins for (at least one of) Houdini, Maya, or Nuke required

·         OSX knowledge and scripting an asset

·         Knowledge of Python an asset

·         C++ plugin experience an asset

·         Experience supporting  Renderman, Mantra, Mental Ray or other production renderers an asset

·         Undergraduate/Graduate degree or a diploma in Computing Science, or related disciplines an asset. 

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VFX Producer - Senior

VFX Producer


Method Studios is currently in search of a VFX Producer to join its Production team. 

Candidate will be responsible for managing all aspects of the production, including initial bidding and breakdown, scheduling and resource planning, and the timely completion of the visual effects work on budget and to the client's and Method's expectation. 

Partnered with the VFX Supervisor, the VFX Producer will work with and manage the client on a daily basis and ensure the highest standard of work is produced at all times.


Responsibilities and Duties

Work in conjunction with VFX Supervisor to breakdown ,bid, budget, schedule and manage projects

Work with the Client on scope of work, changes, schedules and deadlines

Manage Client expectations for deliverables and deadlines

Report overall project status as required to the Client

Work with accounting to ensure all invoices are sent according to contractual payment schedule

Work with the VFX Supervisor to ensure work is being done within the scope of the budget

Work with finance to ensure overall tracking of costs for the project

Monitor overall Bid vs Actual of the artists work vs department milestones / deadlines to make sure the project is on track

Work with Resource Management to ensure staff are assigned and maintained throughout the duration of the project

Work with Digital Producer(s) / Production Manager(s) / Coordinator(s) to disseminate job expectations and responsibilities for the project

Create and manage delivery schedules for the project with the Production team

Ensure all project deliverables are laid out and that shots are managed and delivered according to schedule with team meetings

Manage expectations for the Project's crew and keeping them motivated

Keep the crew informed of project goals, milestones and deadlines

Report overall project status during weekly facility production meetings

Work with all facility departments to keep them updated on project requirements / needs within a reasonable timeframe.




Minimum 3-5 years of experience within the Visual Effects industry from a combination of Coordinating and Production Managing experience

Minimum 5 years of Producing experience

VFX Studio experience and in depth understanding of Visual Effects process and pipeline (both animated and photoreal)

An understanding of production software (Maya, Houdini, Nuke) is a plus

Highly motivated and works well with a team of artists, coordinators, VFX supervisors, etc.

Ability to manage teams in multiple locations

Excellent people-management, communication and organizational skills, as well as an exceptional eye for detail

On-set experience / knowledge of on-set workflow

Proven track record in project management

Experience with Shotgun, Filemaker Pro, Excel, Web based wikis

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Commercial Producer - Senior


Method Studios is currently in search of a Commercial Producer to join its Production team. 
In this role, one will be responsible for supervising the daily individual artist assignments. 
This includes interviewing and negotiating with freelance artists as needed, tracking the daily progress on VFX shots, and pushing these shots through the studio pipeline from work-in-progress to Final.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • responsible for supervising the daily assignment of individual artists
  • tracking and updating progress of VFX shots in company database
  • COMMUNICATING with clients, Editorial, and in-house management
  • meet budget a schedule targets
  • maintaining adherence to set Production contract standards
  • motivating the individual artist, as well as the team on the whole


  • minimum 3 years VFX commercial production experience
  • Bachelors degree or four-year college equivalent in relatable field
  • must have problem-solving skills and be a self-starter
  • must be able to adapt to Production changes
  • must take direction well
  • must be detail-oriented, proactive, and well-organized, as well as able to grow and thrive in a fast-paced environment

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Digital Producer - Senior


Method Studios is currently in search of a Digital Producer to join its Production team. 
The ideal candidate has a strong history of launching and/or overseeing the production and post-production aspects of Features and Commercial jobs. 
The position entails partnering with and executing on the vision as set by Clients and Creative Directors on new productions.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Work closely with the VFX Supervisor and Executive Producer to create and maintain overall budgets, project schedule, and staff resource needs for the project.
  • Prepare key dates and schedule the work for overall facility planning.
  • Manage crew performance and serve as a mentor for the leadership team as needed.
  • Oversee the management of cost-reporting and maintain the budget and schedule through change orders with the studio when applicable.
  • Supervise day-to-day operations of production crew, ensuring that milestones and cost projections are met.
  • Other responsibilities include management of information flow, the breakdown of scripts, and the fielding of studio and production calls.


  • minimum 4 years experience as a line producer or CG supervisor on feature films
  • Bachelor's degree in a directly related field, or equivalent experience
  • proficiency in general Microsoft Office suite and database applications such as Filemaker Pro and Shotgun
  • must possess very strong organizational and communication skills
  • must be capable of handling a variety of tasks in an efficient manner in order to meet deadlines
  • must possess critical-thinking, negotiating, and logical reasoning skills, especially under pressure

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VFX Production Coordinator - Experienced


Method Studios is currently in search of a Production Coordinator to join its Production team. 
The Production Coordinator is responsible for the assignment and tracking of tasks for assigned area of responsibility. They will facilitate the movement of shots between teams, coordinate daily reviews, and communicate status updates ensuring the delivery of shots on schedule.  Exact project duties are set by the Project Producer / Line Producer and/or DPM.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • provides administrative support to the production management team and show supervisors.
  • Under the guidance of the DP or DPM, schedules and tracks progress of tasks for assigned artists or sequences in the production system
  • tracks and maintains database of revisions, omits, and shot length changes; notifies the affected crew as needed
  • partners with other Production personnel to ensure shots are scheduled and delivered in a timely manner
  • follows up with artists on a daily basis to ensure task deliveries remain on schedule, communicating any scheduling changes to the appropriate Artists, Supervisors and Production team as needed
  • coordinates all client deliveries, both physical deliveries and digital deliveries via approved Client designated system (Aspera, WireDrive, etc), with I/O department (as needed)
  • maintains log of all deliveries
  • manages meeting schedule and walkthroughs for CG or Comp Supervisors, taking and publishing notes for the team as needed
  • responsible for setup of dailies and all client review sessions in the Screening Room and view stations
  • leads nightly production update for assigned area of responsibility
  • acts as primary point of contact for internal Editorial team
  • completes reference research for elements for Supervisors
  • oversees run requests and petty cash
  • this is a cross-departmental position that will require management of pipeline issues, even across multiple Studios in liaison with other Production Coordinators


  • minimum 3 years experience in visual effects production or feature animation
  • BA or BS degree in film, art, communications, or related field strongly preferred
  • strong comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Office suite and apps
  • experience with some production tracking software and asset management software, preferably Shotgun
  • must have experience with heavy schedule management in an extremely time-sensitive atmosphere
  • demonstrable experience in highly technical, dynamic departments
  • must be able to make decisions independently with a high level of ingenuity
  • must possess a high level of written, verbal, negotiation, and analytical skill
  • must have the ability to influence and coach others through effective communication and the promotion of a positive team environment
  • must possess highly developed communication skills to facilitate interdepartmental needs and schedules required, exhibiting a consistent standard of excellence in all business communications

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Digital Production Manager - Experienced

Digital Production Manager



Digital Production Manager (DPM) is responsible for the scheduling and management of all aspects of  day to day digital production for feature film visual effects.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

?  With the VFX Producer (or Digital Producer), creates a schedule for all phases of production and works with Scheduling to assign digital artists to the work

?  Creates and maintains task assignments for teams (with the Coordinators); anticipates potential staffing changes based on development or creative shifts 

?  Maintains and publishes information regarding client notes and  any changes in planned work for the teams

?  Assists the VFX Producer with bidding and change orders

?  Works with the VFX Producer on the show Coordinator assignments

?  Provides support to VFX and show supervisors as needed

?  Manages the task assignments and priorities for the VFX Editor

?  Works with DFX and CG Supervisors to create render estimates, disk space, and software projections for the duration of the show and maintains them

?  Manages daily digital resource utilization and acts as the primary contact on the Production team regarding the allocation of show resources; communicates daily regarding changes to priorities, etc.

?  Oversees the setup of show-specific production needs including view stations ,theatre review needs, etc.

?  Manages show space planning and artist moves with the Scheduling and Engineering

?  Responsible for end of show wrap up with key artists (breakaparts), Scheduling and Engineering

?  Attends show post-mortems, documents and identifies action items for Digital Production team

Education, Experience and Skills Required:

?  Bachelor’s degree in film, art, communications or related field

?  5+ years production experience including 3+ years experience in production management or supervisor role in feature film visual effects preferred

?  Comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Office applications required and experience with Shotgun software

?  Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills

Ability to juggle multiple tasks in a high pressure environment

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Modeller - Experienced


Method Studios is currently in search of a Hard Surface Modeler to join its 3D artist modeling team.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Create models as well as sculpt with Zbrush (sets, props), following the creative direction of the designated supervisor
  • Follow supervisor directions, ensuring that the models created are precise and accurate
  • Complete assigned modeling tasks in a timely manner and ensure all working files are efficiently organized at all times
  • Fully comprehend the requirements on the designs, thereby creating models true to their designs, whether organic or mechanical in nature
  • Create and modify models by following the creative direction of the Supervising Modeler, Production Designer, and Cinematics Director/Producer


  • Minimum 4 years Modeling experience for photoreal games or DTV/ Feature length films
  • Proficiency in Maya, Z-brush, Adobe Photoshop, Massive, and Mudbox
  • Excellent knowledge of displacement map and normal map generation
  • Excellent knowledge of polygonal and patch geometry modeling
  • Excellent knowledge of material, texturing, and Maya shader use
  • Expert knowledge of skeleton and rigging setup
  • Vast knowledge of basic expression setup
  • Competency in 3D Studio Max, Nuke, or Shake Compositing software a plus
  • Knowledge of keyframe animation
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize
  • Excellent team player with good communication skills
  • Excellent file and asset management skills

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Texture Artist


Method Studios is currently in search of a Texture Artist to join and potentially lead the look development team. 
The primary focus of this role is in environment imaging and props. 

Responsibilities and Duties

  • creating textures for photo realistic environments based on concept art and/or photo reference


  • minimum 4 years as a texture painter in feature film, TV, or commercials environment
  • expert using Mari, Photoshop, zbrush, and mud box
  • demonstrable experience integrating textures into 3D environments using Maya and/or Nuke
  • possess a strong understanding of light, color, and perspective
  • possess excellent artistic communication skills as well as an excellent eye for detail
  • knowledge of visual effects pipelines, production, and implementation, as well as the ability to work well in a team
  • understanding of 2D and 3D workflows within a feature film environment

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Animator - Senior


Method Studios is currently in search of a senior-level animator to join the 3D animation team.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • responsible for hands-on operation of CG workstation, reporting to the Head of 3D VFX
  • provide ongoing information and feedback to the Head of 3D regarding issues and developments in the CG department
  • assist in hiring and other HR-related issues to the CG department
  • ensure proper workflow methodology for all artists designing and executing high-level animation for use in final compositing
  • lead, manage, and support the CG team, both technically and otherwise as required
  • serve as professional front-line representative of the company, dealing directly with clients and challenging situations
  • maintain logs, data and work orders as required to efficiently track the status of work
  • modeling, texturing and surfacing, choreography and lighting, match-moving and the final rendering of CG elements
  • animate using effective storytelling skills, through knowledge of camera angles and framing shots
  • effectively communicate with the management team and keep the Producer updated regarding concerns of the animation team
  • consult with clients and other artists on the team as required
  • attend projects on set to provide technical information as required
  • investigate and keep up to date on new and competing software packages and technology
  • other miscellaneous duties as required from time-to-time by the Managing Director of Visual Effects


  • minimum 5 years experience working in Feature Film and Commercial animation
  • expert proficiency in Maya
  • experience working with SoftImage and Boujou for visual effects intensive projects
  • strong knowledge of anatomy and human motion
  • solid key frame animation skills
  • solid rigging knowledge
  • must be able to easily adapt to different styles
  • must have good mentoring skills to provide feedback in helping the less experienced animators
  • must be organized, able to meet deadlines, and hold responsibility for his/her work and the animation team

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Sr. Compositor


Method Studios is currently in search of a Senior Nuke Compositor to join its and 2D team of artists. In this role one will integrate CG elements and matte paintings into live action plates. This will encompass matching color, lighting, and exposure of stock elements to rendered or photographed elements, matte extractions from blue/green screen photography, the transformation and warping of elements as needed, 2D/3D camera tracking, graining and degraining as necessary, paint fixes and rotoscoping, as well as matte edge processing and integration.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • matching color, lighting, and exposure of stock elements to rendered or photographed elements
  • matte extractions from blue/green screen photography
  • transform and warp elements as needed
  • 2D/3D camera tracking
  • grain and degrain as necessary
  • paint fixes and rotoscoping
  • matte edge processing and integration


  • minimum 4 years of node-based compositing software experience (Nuke, Shake, Fusion)
  • experience with Keylight, Primatte or Ultimatte
  • knowledge of projection mapping
  • Maya experience a plus
  • sound aesthetic with good understanding of color, contrast, and lighting design
  • knowledge of film resolution and aspect ratios
  • strong problem-solving skills
  • strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • team player with great attitude
  • dependable and flexible
  • takes direction well and exercises close attention to detail

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For general recruitment enquiries please contact: la-re8a642cruit0387cing@m26697ethod2fd50studi18bdaos.co017fcmcf

Please bear in mind that due the number of applications we receive, you will only hear back from us regarding suitable applications to open positions.

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