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London expansion announcedApr 30, 2013

We announced today the opening of our new London facility, having relocated from our Wardour Street shared space within Deluxe 142 to a purpose built studio on Meard Street in Soho. 

Led by Drew Jones (VP Method Studios London), the UK based operation opened in 2010 and has organically grown from an original small satellite team, to a larger crew capable of scaling up significantly within the new facility space to meet the needs of the most demanding shows.

“We are delighted to have secured the Meard Street location which meets our growth needs and will deliver greater flexibility and access to a deeper pool of local talent. Our aim is to support clients who wish to place their work into the UK market in addition to offering enhanced capabilities to the wider global Method Studio’s client base” says Jones. He continues, “As well as being the lead VFX house on Cloud Atlas, other recent projects include Seven Psychopaths, Wrath of the Titans and soon to be released Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Snowpiercer and the George Clooney directed feature The Monuments Men.  We believe that in a challenging market, our boutique and artist driven approach coupled with our ability to access Method’s global talent pool is a compelling and creative option for both local and international clients and we are looking forward to continued growth through 2013."

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