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DOUBLE VES nominations for Method Jan 9, 2012

We are ecstatic to hear that both Kia ‘Share Some Soul’ and Jameson ‘Fire’ are shortlisted in the Outstanding VFX for a Live Action Commercial category

Method Studios are once again shortlisted for a VES award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Live Action Commercial – but this time two of our ads are in the top five! Method’s sterling VFX work on Kia ‘Share Some Soul’ and Jameson ‘Fire’ has caught the judges attention in this category and we have our fingers crossed for a win when the awards are announced at a garla event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 7th. The 10th Annual VES Awards ceremony recognizes outstanding visual effects artistry in 23 categories of film, animation, television, commercials, special venues and video games. “The standard of the creative work that is being considered this year is unbelievably high across all categories,” said Jeffrey A. Okun, Chair of the Visual Effects Society. “The judges faced a huge challenge because all of the work was so far above the norm. We’re honored to have the opportunity to focus the spotlight on the outstanding work that has contributed to some of the highest grossing films and broadcast projects of all time.”

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