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A new Method emerges in AustraliaSep 1, 2011

Sydney and Melbourne add to Method Studio's Global Footprint

We are excited to announce the addition of three facilities in Australia, further expanding Method's already established network of studios. Joining Methodâs award-winning group is a brand new commercial facility in Sydney, a commercial post-production business in Melbourne (previously known as MRPPP) plus a Sydney-based feature visual effects studio (previously operating as CIS-Postmodern).

"It's very exciting to launch the Method Studios brand in Australia with a team that is already well known in the local Australian and Asian markets,â said Dan Glass, Method Studiosâ Executive Vice President, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor. "We share the same goals of a strong creatively driven brand and will be working together to build on our creative and technical resources for both commercials and feature films."

"Being part of Method's international network means we can really raise the bar creatively for local clients," said Alaric McAusland, Head of Deluxe in Australia. "With the recent increase in the tax rebates for feature film production, our international clients will also be able to get their visual effects done locally. This is a win-win situation for the creative community of Australia."

The Method Australia feature visual effects facility will include a dedicated software team under Paul Ryan, Vice President of Technology and former CTO of WETA, the goal being the ability to share tools, assets and shots across the facilities. The feature division also includes VFX supervisor James Rogers who has enjoyed close collaborations with filmakers such as Alex Pryoas and Baz Luhrmann.

On the commercial front, the Method Australia group will also share resources with the Method facilities in the U.S. who have recently won VES and AICP awards for 'Halo Reach: Deliver Hope' (VES award winner for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Live Action Commercial and AICP Visual Effects award winner) directed by Noam Murro.

Glass also confirmed the Walsh Bay and Melbourne commercial facilities would offer high-quality end-to-end creative solutions including editing, color grading, 3D & 2D design, visual effects and finishing. Deluxe Australia, along with Deluxe companies EFILM and Stage One, will be co-located with the Sydney visual effects facility.

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